Friends, Tutors, and Marching Ahead

friend·ship    /ˈfren(d)SHip/    noun

  • 1.the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.

We need all the friends we can get. As individuals and as organizations, we function best when we are united around what we have in common.

That’s why we created the Friends of Hoosier Literacy.  Friends of Hoosier Literacy is an informal group of local citizens who support the mission of the Hoosier Hills Literacy League.

Founding member Donna Marple, who recently retired from Ivy Tech, says, “As a lifelong educator, I can think of no better way to give back to my community than by promoting literacy.  I know that there are many people who will support the  wonderful work you are doing.” (Read more about our work here.)

Our Mission

The Hoosier Hills Literacy League enhances personal growth and individual livelihood by providing literacy instruction, community outreach and supportive resources to residents of Southeastern Indiana.

If you can stand by that mission, and can afford at least $5 ($1 if you are a student), then would you consider becoming our friend?

As a benefit of membership, you will receive our monthly newsletter (if you are reading this, you already do), and priority registration for special events.

You will also be able to say that you support literacy.  How cool is that? Click on the picture below to go to our on-line form.



As the “Our Local Literacy League,” we have a small handful of tutors who work one-on-one with adults who have reading challenges.  We’d like to increase the number of tutors we have so that those who are in our classes can advance more quickly as they work one-on-one with a tutor.

To that end, we are changing the way we train our tutors.  Instead of waiting for our semi-annual tutor training, new tutors will be able to take an on-line tutor training called Tutor Ready.  Here they can get as much training as they need to feel comfortable, and they can return to the site for refreshers as they the need arises.  Each module is about 15-20 minutes long, and includes research based methods about how to teach reading to adults, and includes videos or real tutors using those techniques with real students.

There are a total of 52 modules, and the entire curriculum can be completed in about 12-15 hours.  Since many of our volunteer tutors have prior experience in education, we require that they view at least 4 hours of the curriculum.

After they complete the minimum of 4 hours, new tutors will meet with the Literacy Administrator and be given a tutoring assignment.

Learn more about Tutor Ready by going here, and contact me here to let me know you’re interested!

march into spring

Finally, I have to spend a little time talking about Margie Kleier.  Margie is one of our long-time volunteers.  Back in the 90’s, she joined the Literacy League when it was still a volunteer organization.  Her co-worker Ann Smith, who was the president of HHLL at the time, told her she just had to get involved, and so she did.

Margie has served on the board in several capacities, and as the Business Manager of the Lawrenceburg Public Library District, the wonderful organization who hosts the HHLL, she served as the liaison between the two organizations.  In addition, for over a decade, Margie gave hundreds of hours each week tutoring the Pre-GED and GED Prep students in math, and continuing to  work with them on basic reading as the program changed to Adult Literacy.

Margie will be retiring and moving with her husband to North Carolina in mid-April. Always a gentle encourager to both our students and her co-workers, Margie will be greatly missed.  Stop by LPL and chat with Margie before her last day on April 14.

Not everyone can be so heavily involved, but many can become a Friend of Hoosier Literacy, and if we have friends, we will have all we need.





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