Summer Learning

hopscotch“No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks!”

That’s what we used to think when school let out — 3 glorious months when we could forget everything we learned and simply spend hours lying on the lawn, looking for cloud shapes.

But many of us are parents now, and we know that learning never really stops.  Though summer may mean less structured days, it’s important to watch for opportunities to stimulate our children’s brains during those long summer days.

Sidewalk chalk must be one of the most creative toys ever invented.  The driveway or sidewalk can become a town, a canvas, a message board, or a life-sized board game.  Try simply drawing a shape and let your child make it into a silly animal.  Add a speech bubble and create a story.  Tap into your own imagination, and see where it takes you!  Fill an empty spray bottle with water and watch the colors blend!

Car rides and walks are a great time to play “The Alphabet Game.”  Just for fun, check out this classic Sesame Street video for a twist on this simple game.

I can’t forget to mention local public libraries as another great resource.  This summer’s theme is Libraries Rock!  Here are links to both of our libraries, and it’s always free and cool at the library!

Lawrenceburg Public Library

Aurora Public Library

When you get home from the library with your books, why not set up a reading nook?  Drape a blanket over a table in the living room, or between 2 trees in the yard.  Get cozy and escape into the world of a good book!

Reading-Forts-6Check out for some ideas, like the cool fort featured here!





It doesn’t have to be that fancy, it can be as simple as this one from

There are about 8 weeks in summer vacation, and we’re well into it now.  Take a few minutes to browse these websites for some more great ideas!



Don’t forget — build some memories, make it fun, and ENJOY!


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