Imagination Library— 10 Years of Book Delivery in Dearborn County!

It was late 2007, and Dianna Wissinger was at the helm of the Hoosier Hills Literacy League.  She heard about this great program, and was determined to bring it to the childrImgLib logo coloren in Dearborn County.

Though Dianna is no longer in the area, she remembers the program fondly. “When I heard about the program from a colleague, it was a no-brainer, as long as we could get the funding.  It was always a treat to be recognized in the community by an Imagination Library family. The parents and the children were always so grateful for the monthly gift of such a quality book.”

Since that time, the Dearborn County Imagination Library has provided for over 2200 children to receive new, age-appropriate books delivered directly to their homes.  A total of 75,276 books have been delivered to date!

The Imagination Library has enjoyed support from a variety of different funders since its beginning in 2008.  A Lawrenceburg AEP grant helped with the launch, and Dearborn Community Foundation, Messer Construction and the City of Lawrenceburg have helped maintain it over the years.  Through it all, however, the steady support of the Lawrenceburg Public Library Resources and Services Foundation and the Aurora Public Library Foundation has been vital.

Though we’ve had a monthly enrollment of  up to 880 children in the past, our current enrollment is limited to 300 children.  Click here to download a registration form, or stop by any local library to ask for a paper form.

If you want to ensure the continuation of this terrific program, Sponsor a Child for the Imagination Library! We will even send a card to someone special on your behalf.


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