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Come on over to Ivy Tech –Riverfront for lunch and a game or two! Thanks to our event sponsors, Aurora Chipotle Mexican Grill and Thrivent Financial, we are offering Books, Burritos, & Board Games in partnership with Ivy Tech, Lawrenceburg on Thursday, November 1. We will also have brand new books for sale, and free giveaways throughout the event.

Join us!




App Based Learning Increases Student Engagement for Adults!

It fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s almost always with you. It’s a cell phone, and almost everyone has one these days. Why not make it work for us?

That’s what we’re doing with our adult students, and they love it. With a learning app, students don’t have to worry about taking books with them, or finding quiet to concentrate on reading long passages. If they have 10 minutes and a pair of ear buds, they can make progress towards their goals.

The app is called Learning Upgrade, and it’s a finalist in the Adult Literacy XPrize. The XPrize, sponsored by the Barbara Bush Foundation and Dollar General Literacy Foundation, challenged education technology companies to develop an app to tackle the adult literacy problem.

With the free pilot available until Dec. 31, 2018, up to 30 students can work on Math and English using the app. When students work through all of the levels on Learning Upgrade in English (5 levels) and Math (8 levels plus algebra), they will be prepared to take a free HSE practice test and then the HSE exam, earning a High School Equivalency.

Ten students are currently working on the app, logging in over 300 hours since they began at the end of August, and completing over 1000 lessons!

One of the best things about the app is the immediate feedback. When students are working, we often hear “Right On” and “Excellent” as they give the correct answers. It’s great to see them learning and having fun, most of all feeling good about themselves as they learn!

We have had such great success with this, that we hope to get funding to continue throughout 2018.

Free for a Limited Time! 

If you or someone you know would benefit from this app, call now to enroll for free!! 812-584-8516

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